The NCGRE funds a group to be led by Chew-Hung Chang (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore) which seeks to develop a framework supporting future international comparative analyses of geography curricula in schools. Collaborators are A/P Gillian Kidman (Monash University, Australia), A/P Jerry Mitchell (University of South Carolina, US) and Dr Andy Wi (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore).

This study seeks to compare different curricula around the world (by identifying the core Geographical concepts, skills and attitudes of Geography education) with a view of developing a framework that can allow researchers and teachers to exchange ideas on how to improve the teaching of Geography. Through content analyses of curriculum documents, international declarations on Geographical education and a thorough literature review on previous studies of international comparative studies of Geography curriculum, this study will examine the levels at which Geography is taught, the intended cognitive and affective learning outcomes, the instructional approaches, the assessment practices, and even the teacher professional development opportunities that are described in the documents in each country’s case.

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New publication

Want to learn more about the TIGAS project? Read the article in Geographical Education: Geographical Education Vol 31, 2018 – 3. Solem, Stoltman, Lane, Bourke, Chang & Viehrig


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